If I have an illegal connection, what do I do to correct it?
It is suggested you consult a licensed plumber to determine the most appropriate methods of removing or repairing a specific illegal connection. The following are some possible solutions:
- The sump pipe could be run overland to a ditch, street gutter or swale that could drain to another location. The sump pump can be run underground through a 4" or 6" diameter perforated PVC pipe, with holes at the bottom and back-filled with washed gravel. An overflow tube should be placed at the opposite end to allow the water to escape in the event the volume of the pipe is exceeded.
- Route the sump pump to a City storm sewer.
- Disconnect gutters, downspouts or area drains from the sewer drainage system.
- Disconnect any condensation lines.
- Repair privately owned sewer lines as required.

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