Sanitary Sewer Capital Improvement Project

View information and maps of the current planned capital improvement projects for the City's Sanitary Sewer System. 

Projects 3, 6, & 7 are detailed below.

CIP Project #6

View the sanitary sewer capital improvement project extending from Farm Rd 186 to Farm Road 174, upgrading the City's infrastructure to ultimately provide more capacity at our Sewer Treatment Plant. 

The City of Republic is looking to upgrade sewer main along this alignment for additional capacity. This sewer interceptor receives all flow from the former Brookline area as well as the surrounding neighborhoods in the general proximity Shown. Because we must keep the existing sewer line in service, we will be installing the new main along a new alignment that general follows the same path as the existing. Because of this we will require new sewer line easements in many of the locations. Manholes from the old line will be removed once that line is taken out of service, and the old easements will be relinquished back to the property owners. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns please contact Project Manager, Brian Dye at or (417) 732-3408

CIP Project #3

 Lift Station #4 Upgrades & Force Main Relocation

CIP Project #3 addresses the City’s largest level of service capacity restrictions within the gravity sewer system caused by excessive Inflow & Infiltration. Lift Station #4 is located at the southern end of S. Walnut Ave. The existing 8-inch force main discharges to a manhole that drains to Shuyler Creek Lift Station before being pumped all the way back to the treatment plant. Removing an 87-acre drainage basin from contributing to flow at Shuyler Creek Lift Station, the CIP Project #3 increases the capacity of the lift station from 0.21 MGD to 1.5 MGD and constructs 3,117 linear feet (LF) of 10-inch force main which is rerouted to discharge into an existing manhole that drains via gravity straight to the treatment plant. 


CIP Project #7

McElhaney Lift Station & Force Main Improvements

CIP Project #7 increases the capacity of the McElhaney lift station and increases the size of the force main to convey the flow from both the 5-year and the 20-year planning periods. The project includes a new wet well and pumps. These pumps will be sized to convey a firm capacity discharge of 5.0 MGD and operate using variable frequency drives (VFD’s). In addition, the project includes the installation of a new 18-inch force main. The new force main will be installed adjacent to the existing force main and will discharge at the same location as the existing force main.