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 The Finance Department, located at City Hall, provides for accounting, budgeting, budget execution, and overall fiscal accountability for the City of Republic. Other duties include managing debt and debt service, banking services, procurement policies, internal controls, capital improvement plans, financial reports, and risk management.
Vision Statement 
To lead the City's efforts towards financial sustainability.
Accounts Receivable
 The accounts receivable division receives and accounts for revenues received by the City of Republic. Revenue sources for the City are property and sales taxes, water and sewer sales, permits, Park and Recreation revenue, licenses, grants, and miscellaneous payments.
Accounts Payable
 The accounts payable division ensures that all of the City's payments are made in a timely manner, accounted for in the accounting records, and that the expenditures of the City match the disbursements on the bank records.


The Purchasing Division is responsible for the procurement of goods, services, and construction each year. Products and services range from audit services and vehicles, to fire protective gear, painting services and playground equipment. Our customers include all city departments.