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2022 Benefit Information for Employees
City of Republic Employee Benefits, effect Jan. 1, 2022

The City of Republic provides Health insurance through Anthem BCBS
To access Anthem BCBS Plans, click here.

The City of Republic provides Dental insurance through Delta Dental.
 For more  information, click here.

The City of Republic provides Vision insurance through Superior Vision. 
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The City of Republic provides Retirement benefits through Missouri Local Government Employees Retirement System (LAGERS).
To access Missouri LAGERS, click here.

Use this calculator to see what LAGERS is worth to you. Input a salary amount, which represents an employee's final annual salary, select years of service, and calculate an estimated benefit.

This calculator is designed to be an estimate of your future benefit, and is not to be utilized as an official LAGERS benefit calculator. 

Life Insurance
After 30 days of continuous employment, qualifying employees will receive life insurance. The City pays 100% of the premium for life insurance. $100,000 coverage provided on each employee.  Life insurance is provided through The Hartford. For more information, click here.

Employee Benefit Booklet
To access the Employee Benefit Booklet, click here.

Gap Insurance
For more information about supplemental gap insurance, click here.