Payment Information

Payments for fines and costs on violations that do not require an appearance, or cases that have already been before the Judge may be made at any time at the court, by mail, or online at Missouri CaseNet. For violations that do not require an appearance, please refer to the Violations Bureau (pre-payable offenses). Cash, check, money orders, debit and credit cards are accepted for in-person payments.  There is a small processing fee with the use of cards.

All cases are on Missouri CaseNet.  You may find your case information and, if it is prepayable, you may pay it there without having to appear, so long as it's paid before your court date.  If it's an appearance required case, you will be able to make payments there after you have been to court.  Of course, in-person payment options still apply as does the drop box on the front of the building. 


After Hours & Weekend Payments

There is a drop-box for after hours and weekend payments. Make sure your name and/or case number is clearly marked on your payment. If you would like a receipt mailed back to you, we request a stamped self addressed envelope be included with your payment.