Preliminary Development Plan

The Preliminary Development Plan is intended to provide the applicant with an opportunity to submit a plan showing the basic concept, character and nature of the entire proposed planned development, without becoming involved in the preparation of detailed development plans or engineering drawings.

In order to proceed with some assurance, approval of the preliminary development plan binds the applicant and the city with respect to the following development constraints:
  1. Categories of uses to be permitted
  2. Overall maximum density of residential uses and intensity of non-residential uses
  3. General location of vehicular and pedestrian circulation systems
  4. General location and extent of public and private open space
  5. General location of residential and non-residential land uses
  6. Staging of development

Application Process

Upon completion of the Sketch Plan Requirements, a Preliminary Development Application and Checklist (PDF) will be submitted to the City's Department of Community Development. A fee in the amount of $250 will be due at the time of submittal to cover review costs.

If the property is not zoned for a Planned Development District, the applicant will apply to have the property rezoned. All preliminary development plan applications must be submitted with a completed checklist.

Approval Process

A public hearing on the development plan will be set, advertised, and held by the Planning and Zoning Commission within 30 days of the filing of a completed application.

Within 30 days following the conclusion of the public hearing, the Planning and Zoning Commission will give to the City Council its official recommendation that the plan be approved, approved subject to modifications or not be approved.

Another public hearing will then be set, advertised and held by the City Council concerning the proposed development with 30 days of the Planning and Zoning Commission's action.

Within 30 days of the conclusion of this second public hearing, the City Council will either refuse to approve, refer back to the Planning and Zoning Commission, or approve the preliminary development plan.

When a preliminary development plan has been approved, the applicant will need to proceed to file a Final Development Plan.