What is a Comprehensive Plan?

Comprehensive Plans represent long-term land use visions for a community to guide public policy decisions regarding land use, recreational amenities, transportation networks, and municipal utility infrastructure.

Comprehensive Plans are necessary for local governments to preserve and enhance present advantages, encourage the most appropriate use of land and water resources, overcome present disadvantages, develop policies to effectively manage future discrepancies in the use and development of land, and to develop public policies consistent with the public interest.

The Comprehensive Plan Update Project will have a positive impact on all facets of the City, as the Plan will serve as the singular actionable public policy document. Land use development, public infrastructure investment, and park and recreational growth opportunities will be identified through the data-driven Elements of the Comprehensive Plan Update Project. City Leadership and Staff will use the updated Comprehensive Plan in the execution of public policy decisions consistent with the City’s Mission, Vision, and Values.  


Planning Element

​​The Planning Element consists of three (3) Market Studies - Housing, Retail, and Industry, three (3) Infrastructure Studies - Stormwater, Transportation, and Data/Networking, a Demographic Study, Land Use Study, and a Future Land Use Study. 


Municipal Planning Element

The Municipal Planning Element consists of two (2) sub-elements - Water and Sanitary Sewer.


Parks Element

​​The Parks Element consists of an update to the Master Plan created in 2009. This process will allow for community engagement opportunities and incorporation of new trends, goals, and a vision for the future of the Parks & Recreation Department.

The project scope includes analyzing existing resources, resident surveys/community engagement, identification of expansion opportunities and trends, expenditure analysis, and a final product inclusive of all information and professional renderings/graphics.