Lighting Fixtures

In outdoor pool areas, luminaires, lighting outlets and ceiling-suspended paddle fans shall not be installed over the pool or over the area extending 5 feet horizontally from the inside walls of a pool except where no part of the luminaire or ceiling suspended paddle fan is less than 12 feet above the maximum water level.

Lighting fixtures for swimming pools shall not have exposed metal parts and shall be listed for the purpose as an assembly. In addition, lighting fixtures for swimming pools shall comply with the following requirements:

a. Within the low-voltage contact limit: A lighting fixture installed in or on the wall of a swimming pool shall be part of a cord and plug-connected lighting assembly.

The assembly shall:
  1. Have a fixture lamp that is suitable for the use at the supplied voltage;
  2. Have an impact-resistant polymeric lens, fixture body, and transformer enclosure;
  3. Have a transformer with a primary rating not over 150 volts; and
  4. Have no exposed metal parts.
b. Over the low-voltage contact limit but not over 150 volts. A lighting assembly without a transformer or power supply, and with the fixture lamp(s) operating at over the low-voltage contact limit, but not over 150-volts, shall be permitted to be cord and plug-connected where the assembly listed as an assembly for the purpose with all of the following:
  1. It has an impact-resistant polymeric lens and fixture body.
  2. A ground-fault circuit interrupter with open neutral conductor protection is provided as an integral part of the assembly.
  3. The fixture lamp is permanently connected to the ground-fault circuit interrupter with open-neutral protection.
  4. It has no exposed metal parts.