Electrical Requirements

All electrical work will conform to the 2017 National Electric Code (additional information on building codes found here). The National Electrical Code is intended to be suitable for mandatory application by governmental bodies that exercise legal jurisdiction over electrical installations. The authority having jurisdiction for enforcement of the Code has the responsibility for making interpretations of the rules, for deciding on the approval of equipment and materials, and for granting the special permission contemplated in a number of the rules. The authority having jurisdiction may waive specific requirements of the Code or permit alternate methods where it is assured that equivalent objectives can be achieved by establishing and maintaining effective safety.

Temporary Power

The City of Republic does not inspect Temporary Services, but they should meet the following requirements:

  • #6 Copper ground from meter base to grounding rod
  • G.F.I. protected receptacles
  • Weather-proof enclosure

Permanent Power

Please take the following factors into consideration when constructing a permanent power service:

  • Conduit from meter base to ditch
  • Disconnecting means required with the meter base
  • Ditch 24 inches deep
  • If more than one meter address, addresses must be permanently marked on meters
  • No building will be approved with wet wiring
  • Panel cover in place
  • Properly sized copper ground wire from ground rod through the metal sweep bond through the inter-system bonding bar into the combination meter base
  • Properly sized feeders from meter base to panel board
  • Roof must be completed