Contractor Responsibilities

The following is a list of responsibilities that should be heeded by contractors during a residential construction project:
  • All houses shall have the street address temporarily posted on property during construction. Lot numbers will not suffice. Permanent address must be posted before occupancy.
  • Builders who need water during construction shall install a frost-free hydrant on the outside base of the water meter. No kind of apparatus is allowed inside meter box.
  • Once the contractor has purchased a lot, he/she is responsible for the condition of all public improvements on that lot, i.e. sidewalks, water valves, manholes, storm water inlets, etc. No Certificate of Occupancy will be issued until damaged improvements are repaired. (Ordinance No.97-56)
  • The builder is responsible for hooking up the correct water line and meter to the correct building in multi-family residences.
  • The contractor shall be responsible for cleaning excess mud, dirt, and debris from the street.
  • The contractor shall be responsible for cleaning up trash and other debris that blows off property and onto residential development, public easements or private property.