Residential Addition

A building addition is defined as new construction attached to the original structure and outside the original footprint of the building. All building additions must be permitted by the City and progress in construction inspected by the City’s Building Inspector. All construction must comply with the 2012 International Residential Code and the 2011 National Electric Code.

An accurate site plan and an accurate floor plan must be submitted with the Residential Addition Permit Application. Please review the Residential Addition and Remodel Guidelines (PDF) before beginning your project.

Building Setbacks
  • Front: 25 feet from the property line
  • Rear: 25 feet from the property line
  • Side:
    • Corner lots: 25 feet from the property line on the street side and six feet from the property line between lots
    • Interior lots: Six feet from the property line
Permit Fees
The permit fee for residential additions is calculated by the total square footage of the addition multiplied by the ICC Building Valuation Data table formula.

More Information
Permit applications can be obtained here or from the City’s Department of Planning and Development, located at 204 North Main Avenue (across from City Hall).

To schedule an inspection, please call the City’s Inspection Hot-Line at 417-732-3170. For further information, call 417-732-3150.