Necessary Steps Before Submittal

Please ensure that you have provided the following information before submittal:

  1. Address all applicable items on the Commercial Project Checklist. Items that apply, but are not addressed, will slow the review process.
  2. Ensure that the property is recognized by the City of Republic as a legal tract of land and is zoned for the proposed use.
  3. Submit 2 sets of construction documents. If a separate specification booklet is part of the construction documents, 2 copies should be submitted. For any project that serves food (i.e. restaurants, day cares, taverns, motels etc.) you must contact Greene County for food service requirements by contacting 864-1017.
  4. Each page of all construction documents shall be signed, sealed and dated by a professional architect or engineer registered in the State of Missouri. Legible reproduced seals are acceptable on additional copies. The seal on each drawing must be appropriate to the professional discipline required to produce the drawing.