Commercial Parking

All plans for new parking lots, parking lot additions or expansions must be reviewed and approved by the City’s staff. View the latest City Parking Guidelines (PDF) for more guidance.

All new parking lots, parking lot additions, expansions or alterations must be compliant with the City’s Municipal Code, as well as the applicable adopted building codes.

Parking Area Requirements

All off-street parking areas, ingress and egress and circulation areas shall be composed of an asphalt or concrete surface. All off-street parking areas shall include concrete curb and gutter surrounding the entire parking area and around all landscaped islands within the parking lot. Gravel or crushed stone parking areas may be permitted in "C-2", "M-1" or "M-2" Districts, but only in combination with automotive, recreational, boat storage facilities or other related storage facilities. Gravel or crushed stone parking areas shall not be permitted to be installed for automotive, boat, marine, recreational camper or related equipment sales or service.

Please review our requirements for Minimum Off-Street Parking or Loading Spaces. For further information on commercial parking, please call the City’s Planning and Development Department at 417-732-3150.